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There comes a time when well-loved and well-lived in spaces need a well-deserved makeover. Not every space always requires a full overhaul but lighten up a room, dispose of clutter, add stylish pieces, and you begin to capture the spirit of a space long forgotten under years of living.

Or, start afresh with a new design and reintegrate those important or sentimental pieces that can look inspired once they are part of a new look.

We can work wonders with our imagination and your tastes, in order to make your rooms great places for entertainment, family meetings and/or just relaxation.


Window interior design is an indicator of taste, character and lifestyle. Curtains or blinds occupy one of the walls of the room and create a decorative space.

Most people prefer a degree of privacy but they also want light from the outdoors. If your neighbours are nearby or if you are at one with the great outdoors, window fashions, such as blinds, drapes, sheers and shutters help you achieve exactly the right degree of privacy you desire.

Light is another thing to consider because it alters moods, affects colours and can change the entire feeling of a room. Whether you prefer low-light calm, full-sun brilliance, or a mix, defining your light needs is very important.


Distinctive design accessories help create a homelike and relaxed environment. Our design team is always ready to provide prototypes and suggestions for new products.

Finding just the right object to enhance a shelf, a table, a niche can be challenging.

Elements of texture, material, scale and sustainability are all elements to consider in order to offer the best solution for each space.